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luni, 24 octombrie 2011

A good book for young

Dear young students!
         How to write an essay ... is a good book, not only because it gives you details on how to write an essay, but for that answer your questions today, that any young man obsessed, I-L I-frame and L Acteon's dogs devour as: why we live, we die, the way to life eternal moral issue, the struggle between Eros and Thanatos, the doctrine and the Japanese miracle: if God intervenes in human destiny, how to stay away from neurosis (if loving teacher Mircea Badea), for young students - how to avoid marrying a gay man (if Caradja Princess Brianna, who determines the sex of offspring - man or woman, essential distinction between man and woman, the charm of life is to live.
  Presented in a common language, accessible to any graduate high school, communication in the book is designed in clear phrases, logical argument substantiated scientifically. All these rules meet the reader to his own questions to answer. Here's a critical appreciation of the poet Alan Apetroaie:
,, Are interesting at the same level, approaches to human sexuality in all its complexity, from normal to deviant from the natural need to excess disease and provocative drama insurmountable .[...] We have come a book full of joys that offers a new perspective and hermeneutics. Undoubtedly, Basil Anton does not tell us things unknown, no one how to further make, yet, but it clearly says, the argument and, especially, with passion.''  Basil Anton - Romania

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