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marți, 8 noiembrie 2011


                        On that day we should have strong emotions. It was the debut release of my book: How to write an essay ... Do not know what reason, I had no emotions. I did not feel capable of strong emotions? I am old avant la lettre? Maybe that made me look old event with a cold detachment which surprised me.
There seemed to be a good sign no emotions. It seemed like my unconscious wanted me to go with the flow, the play of chance, how will be. I expect to cover with its positive energy for success, but insisted she remain in a state of latency. I was possessed, instead of mixed feelings: on one hand the desire to promote my book, which worked a lot, on the other hand, a mental cloudiness, caused by uncertainty, as I was inert. I knew from experience that life, the most successful events are those with a strong emotional experience. Under the influence of emotions all goes ideally. Emotions as would give, by their mental energy, quantum positive influence. Emotion comes from Latin mover - put in motion. It creates a magical feeling, a form in which consciousness is invaded mentis of unconscious energies that induce states of semi-consciousness, of disorder, which may be confused or excited spirit within.

I think adrenaline do magic game. What is the hormone of the adrenal? Well, put blood in motion, increase blood and instantly activates the sympathetic nervous system. Discovered by a Japanese and an American Takamine Jokichi namely Th. Aldrich, the same year, adrenaline is a huge force contained in a tiny chemical migratory excite, move, stimulate organs to the point that is functioning and induce flight or fight reaction. To recapitulate: So external event induces a shock mentally - emotion. The emotion caused by the event, working adrenals, they react immediately and release adrenaline. Adrenaline increases blood pressure suddenly accelerates heart rate, pupil dilation causes and induces psychological shock.
What moves you can mover that emotion and block? Emotional state involves two opposite trends: be paralyzed, the body block, but moves the mind, either, mind blocks, but the body moves. Can you block and a third body and mind - is the state of unconsciousness. Emotional fainting, most often occurs in women. Some make faint a true art. Emotion men makes them stutter. I met another woman stammering - hence conclude that stuttering is a masculine aphonia, while an atonal fainting feminine. But that emotion affects male and female body spirit? I think it takes a special research to talk about this dichotomy.
Obviously, I had some fright, some fear that start from the inside, but it was not that strong emotion that makes you paralyzed or spirit sparkle makes you act like a superman. Anyone can have emotion on the first attempt. A book is a debut attempt, a,, essai''such Montaigne says. With more than a book of essays. It's a big challenge. All great players have suffered from stage fright, had strong emotions before going on stage. Can emotions and energy has made great.Why I felt rather confused discontent? I was in a thankless situation. The event was launched to compete with International Poetry Festival, Third Edition 26 -29 October 2011, Grigore Vieru. I was not only stressed by the event which obviously could not compete, especially that proposed recitals, performances of music and poetry, but also angry. Many friends of those who attended the launch and announced they found the last minute and impossible for various reasons.With all the opulence international cultural festival Grigore Vieru you probably attended many folk music groups, we benefited from the presence of the band led by Teodor Munteanu Emidor. Other presence of mind were: Mr. Constantin Ilie of Radio Science and Chilean poet Mario Navarrete Castro - translator and promoter of Iasi poets in Chile. Chilean poet Replace and me gave me hope. ,, You finished philosophy? ''I asked the Chilean poet. ,, No,''I replied honestly. ,, Do not bath!''He said, are so that philosophy ends and produce nothing ...''Mario Navarrete Castro finished the Science and philosophy lived forty years in Romania's cultural capital. It is a great lover of Eminescu and, for me, who loves him Eminescu enough to be my friend. Mario Navarrete Castro was a presence as promised, even illusory hope ... I gladly gave my book of essays. Chilean poet translated into an anthology of seven poets Iasi.Siete Poetas of Iasi, Rumania, prologo, selección Navarrete y traducción by Mario Castro, Ed Feed Back, Science, 2011. Iasi poet, writes Mark Emilian calls literary magazine, 'Seven poets Iasi (there is no allusion to the seven hills that guard the city of Iasi) are translated in Spanish, with more inclination and love for poetry, because the translator himself is a good knowledge of Romanian language poet. Lived 40 years in Iasi, Chilean Mario Navarrete Castro was attached to the second language and almost managed to know the subtleties of knowing them classics of Romanian literature writers, as well as contemporary ones.''But the surprise was from some uninvited, came away: Mrs. Mihaela Suciu from Bacau, Mr. Petre Pascal and Pascal Falticeni Marius, Lucian Abram from Tg. German, Mr. Dumitru Zamisnicu him and his daughter. The launch was attended by the Association of Friendship universe, poet Dorina Neculce (Hammer), the poet Ovid Raul Vasiliu, poet Julia Ralea, and poet Emilia Gafiţa you do not know.Mrs. Rodica Rodean heart, president of the Association of Friendship universe, did everything possible to be a festive atmosphere. Conscious of its role in smooth running of the event, atotvăzătoare the Argus, was always alert, always ready to anime atmosphere that tended to languish in the waiting guests.
Similarly, Mrs. Didina Sava, President Asocieaţiei Forum friendship, which was rewarding endeavor and good luck.The poet Alan Apetroaie, really familiar with the mysteries of philosophy, reading my book debut: ... How to write an essay, book launch said, It is a book that impressed me. What impresses at Basil Anton is coherence, lucidity and great scientific argument that induce the reader a refreshing optimism. We have a mission on this earth, therefore, to take this brief existence by creation. This is the message of the book: the existence of the creation. Author himself states in these essays. He says with an impressive scientific documentation objective truth. With a stylistic reasoned, documented and well graded, Anton Basil's essay persuades and induces beliefs.Basil Anton is very subtle in this composition. Gathering, with accuracy, an impressive cultural information that censors and enhance the position of the author and conclusions impressive realistic assumptions possible.Recently I had to do with passing very easily essayists bias. For example, Romanian Horia Patapievici reject the meaning essays. There's too much rather than taking him or rejection of theses, ideas or doctrines. However you yourselves admiration for the authors of essays in vogue at present, a Cărtărescu, Patapievici or Cristian Tudor Popescu, if you enter more deeply into their works will be surprised to see how the subject is manifest. At Basil Anton appreciate it - objectivity. For this reason, say that Basil Anton is an essayist of great strength, that I use the words of Gabriel Liiceanu.Iasi essayist would be promoted by the mass - media where it belongs. This is because, if you look in old dilemma magazine has a header that do not change - do not confuse truth with justice forever.
- Where did you read that?
- In all good books. Launching the book I'm going to suggest to me ...'' essay writing (Alan Apetroaie - Presentation of the book: How to write an essay ... October 29, 2011). After the presentation and autographs, surprised most have come from my daughters Anna Maria (Ancuţa) and Gabriela. While Ancuţa take pictures, Gabriela came beside me and whispered in my ear, 'I'm so proud of you, Dad! ''At that time I covered a deep emotion, totally overwhelming.  

Basil Anton - Emotion, Iasi, Romania, November 4, 2011, antonvasileiasi@gmail.com          

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