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luni, 27 februarie 2012

Diplomat cake with Lăsatul secului

 Moto:,, ...Those who are șază to those at the table;  those that you pre agreed and seated; others that you are loved and care are conversing, you take the bread and wine before your dishes and gives them, and with your hand, to eat and to drink. '  (Teachings of Neagoe Basarab to his son Theodosius)       
        Thursday, February 16, Gabi sounds.  Bunătăți, the mother of lăsatul secului pregătești? \", he asks, cajoling, as usual. Tânjește, Lucian '' after your dishes, she blamed her boyfriend to his mask and apetenţă.                                                                          
        Taken by surprise, the Mary ii says that prepare something good. Notice-a and Ancuța to come up with Marius and Ligia. Or better yet I have to telefonez me. 
              Gabi is a gourmet. But the Gourmand does not mean, as some may be inclined to believe, to eat much, but after DEX, it means to love and appreciate their tasty dishes to know.                                                             When it comes about a family reunion, Maria enters the State of boiling. Wants everything to be perfect. Therefore, in addition to the calf, Borsch, steak, salad, pickles and other bunătăți on the prohibited, Mary arranges the children a little surprise – cake with pineapple, Diplomat exotic kiwi, mango, Orange, vișine and alluring, refreshing, aromatic and appetizing. Recipes can be found on the sites of culinary, so no longer bore you with those details.             
             Along with a glass of wine, named in popular language-Strawberry, as no longer holds the Jijiei nor by the great vaults beneath the famous vineyards, the cake Diplomat made a happy family reunion.                             This year my wine has outdone himself.  The grapes have an excess of saccharin and fructose. I picked late autumn, when they were ready to be stafidească because of drought last year. Peasant wine, it surpasses the flavour, colour and taste of fruits of the forest, even noble wines.  It has a high content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidant and many possess the virtues therapeutic.  Among the best effects, drinking moderate amounts, constitute, for men, an excellent dezinhibant erotic I kept damigene pântecoase, being convinced that the bottle is not related to the defel wine though it înfaşă it and embrace it as a \"rod năzdrăvană and it kept so, toaste qualities that make it excellent for Unbind and sorcerer, the most ciufută.                 
             I treated with sulphur and other chemicals. Natural wine, from his mother, as they say, why not say that-i come, but rather e Ambrose, liqueur or nectar which, at the time of the ancient Greeks, only the gods had, not ordinary people.
A glass of drink, you drink one and another one, but it's tricky as a nimfetă-up comfort in the most fanciful faces and quickly-falls asleep.            Well, the new men we fell asleep, but we lured to interminable discussions, that the girls were seeking, as well as vicleşuguri to make men accompany them to their homes, but how to get them out from under his spell when he dezlegase Bachus languages with this wonderful liqueur.  Gentlemen, women talk more! '', said Gabi, envious, not finishing the debate.  Well, at least now we are talking and we say that for the rest of Lucian, we no longer have time for your mouth. '', you! You! '' threatens it with your finger.                                        
 Ligia, sent by his mom, always comes with texts and pretexts, ba that has themes that should be done, to bathe, it just only a fool on Marius to go home. But Marius, who usually confines itself to a glass, now îmboldit of fragrances emanating from Căpşunică, find reasons to postpone the departure of the pressing issues and debate until the end.                                                                                   
 Them, and when it began to soften the wine şăgalnic spirits, Maria surprise her great days-the cake Diplomat. I'm not an admirer of confectionery. On the contrary, I loved more salad, but cold, slice of cake with fruit, împănată was so enjoyable that I eventually gave up on the last glass of wine to do anihilez effects of aphrodisiacs, I would say.                                                                              
My friend, Dragos company Manager Grosu, SC Code 932 Ltd, producing software-Web design, 3d design, graphic, three-dimensional creations websites, creating websites, website design, which you rugasem help me to install on new computer programmes, dictated, the next day, D-I, the most I like family reunions; so we gathered and we at MOM, when we are able to deny us the daily activities; so I would love my children, and they will be large, to come with us. ''
         Mr. Anton, 26 February 2012    

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