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luni, 27 februarie 2012

Little stumblebum

Once a month I go take my prescription from your health care provider. It's a rule, statornicită, I believe in the existence of pensioners: we are a life and then give a pension on drugs.                                                                           
 In this way creștem life expectancy. And we are glad that we can live a day ... and yet a day ... with pills.   With each generation, more drugs, more pill for survival.                                                               
  As the nearest pharmacy is Pharmacy Cabinet of Longavit station in the area, I stop by here, to buy drugs. Hardly find amongst mormanele of snow, a parking.                            
Park and pick it up quickly through the snow on the sidewalk.   Trying to maintain a balance through snow, slippery sways people as penguins.  Here the City Hall services have no longer enough.  Can companies empower expected to melt the snow and collect the money. Who verifies whether or not cleaning the pedestrian alley?                                                                                           I is afraid that again raised the charges;  When it snows in winter is the best time as specialist firms to steal money out of our pockets. Not much!  One Lion each. Well, what does it matter that steals a lion in your Pocket today everyone!  Give him a lion to a beggar. When you have, but when you do it?!...                                  Leaving the Pharmacy and got it, as usual, any ideas, go towards the machine, without giving consideration to passersby or what is going on around me.         
, D-d-I, collected money for them ... food! \"  I stop and I look like the teenager being shortsighted, which screams of despair.  A paltry sum compared with the immodest to me.   A concern, somewhat intrigued;   There seems to me to be a beggar.  Originally I thought him boy. I can desluși girl features. Wearing a Brown, capes, geacă, mature, well above its extent.  Hood, as big, it almost completely covers the face.             
The features of the face, Brown eyes, languroși, mouth, lips and long hair a few wires were saved from the hood, rebel intuiesc that girl.  From mâneca gecii mânuță stretch toward me a child.  They see black, uncut fingernails and colloquial.   Clothes, much too large for the body weak and not too clean, betray the poverty. They appreciate the eye age and height; has around 12-13 years and a forty metre high.   
 The fact that trying to conceal identity I shall indicate that it is uncomfortable with this posture, accidentally, by cerșetoare. But hunger, in the words of Ugolino of Pisa, overcome, not just embarrassment, but even the pain.
Well, but your parents? ... \"a wonder, intrigued.        At a, her aunt. Târgu-Mureş, are ...   Summer day at aunt works with the Lipovans, but now does not work. \"                                
    I realize that Târgu e Târgu Frumos. People began to shorten names. When someone says, in Târgu-Mureş, Iaşi County, it is implicit that the Târgu Frumos, as I think subînțeleg in other counties the names of other fairs. For example, in Târgu neamţ, if you say \"is that it comes to Târgu Neamţ.        
    , I come by train, continue, to make money for food. Her mother was married to Constance ... Dad died ... \"
At that time would have been in school. But, certainly, abandoned school.  And not by going not going to school can be a chance ..., the school's heavy materials or gaps, and do it more. When you want something truly, talking about all the universe's Coelho, compete for you ... you must be informed, but also a great effect, it will be completed beyond the limits of raționalului, if you want to leave the family circle, otherwise you are the leaf-n wind.  At the mercy of destiny. Must have for learning and reluctantly.              They stretch a banknote of a lion. Ought to give him more. But I do not give money out of the House. And are so cerșetori …, so hungry ... so many in need.
                      I thank the little cerșetoare and quickly to other pedestrians. Some others may refuse to send a moraliști to work, many of the young ones a swearing person; some more merciful to put in your hand a Sou.  Looking for Pharmacy and, from there, sees on the old, post at the entrance.  
                     Waiting to get customers, retired as me, but, certainly, more Christians. The age of the third are not moral, not sent to work in a swearing person. -Give out and bănuțul.  Scormonesc, purse, ten minutes to find a Sou. Girl patient awaits.                                                             
             How can a mother to abandon the child, to marry a man and leave her daughter from the first marriage, in the will of demise?

Destiny the girl seems to be sealed. From cerșetorie to prostitution is not only a step. Will getting married or not, will have to turn it a child and just like his mom, it will abort the demise. Destiny is a history which repeats. Jorge Luis Borges says of the inferno that is there where possible evil. The steps leading to the inferno of the girl.                                   
         Which generation will be able to exit this vicious circle? From my research I can affirm that the seal on the destiny of a family, make it repeat for five-seven generations.  The girl will become either a nimfetă, like Nabokov's Lolita, a prostitute at the corner of the street. Selfish gene not heeding her troubles, wants at all costs to be passed.                                                    
 I don't know any hormones was a halt, on the contrary it constrain to abandon.  By will or need will leave sedusă. Sedusă and abandoned.  And if possible a child growing up, they will abandon herself to the State or elsewhere.   In the novel the circle of family, André Maurois demonstrates that destiny is a history which repeats.          
Sooner or later, willy-nilly, will accept disprețuitul social status — professional amorului.  Exploited or violently by a pimp will undoubtedly become a vagina, an inflatable doll.                         
Will sell as a pet at the fair who gives more. And in old age, as well as now, will cerși the corner of the street. After all, what we do when we're in little children, adults or repeat it when we get old.   Scenarios are plausible, hard bypassed, in these times, poor girl. The weather went Cinderella and Prince salvator. Now there are several possibilities to take your hand, one destiny.  Poor girl never has to wait for the Prince of the story which was rescued from poverty. But many more dreams of a Prince.                                                            
 Why his MOM abandoned her?  It is true that man accepts hard offspring of others, but the woman family status; She makes the rules, not a man.                                                                                             
The refusal of the offspring began another animal is reminiscent of that man, in general, cannot be granted. Young Lion, the lion family, kills chickens to old to submit their own genes. As a rule, men women's offspring with other refuse.  But we are people.  A responsible parent does not drop out, the progenitura of their blackmail, may require the rules of the game.     
 But it can also be called a mother, the mother of small cerșetoare?    A responsible parent, and in the case of denied categorically, choose the child and not the man.  As long as we do not have kids live for us.  From the moment when we give birth to a living being, should abandonăm any selfishness and to live for the being to whom we gave life. We have this human and Christian debt default.   Otherwise we cannot call people.                     
French writer George Sand had a dozen lovers, but when he was put in a position to choose between lovers and children, in particular children, without hesitation.  And if a man refuses to accept other's progenitura, a woman in mother must determine to accept with her child, if a woman really wants.                                                                                                  You choose your image? And what possible prevedeți this girls destiny?                                                                    Mr. Anton, Iaşi, 22 February 2012   

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