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luni, 27 februarie 2012

Winter Sports ... the forest

After several days of terrible winter, during which clouds of snow sifted traveling long drifts, the sun flashed in the morning, the reddish rays.Leave the house, intending to make sport of the forest. Outside the sun sinks his teeth into his face. I feel burning bite, deep into the skin.Under the effect of reflection, of snow, the sun is red flashes. I looked to the sky. Even the sun looks red. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the Japanese flag is red on white. A red sun that glitters on Mount Fuji.I think because of snow, the Japanese see the red sun. Wind me shudder with sharp breath. One moment I see Mount Fuji. In my mind the poet Matsuo Basho lyrics resoundWind from FujiI sit on the rangesouvenir of Edo
I make the quick step, the forest stronghold. Suddenly, I see them in trees. Stone - frozen black fruit hangs heavy on the branches. Like olive huge - crows, fluffy, asleep, keeping their heat.

Photo: Basil Anton

Ornaments on the treeshriveling on branchescrows winterAway from the other two measured, colder, converse in their language. Like two black princess in Africa - ebony beauty, do not mix with the mob.

Photo: Basil AntonSun with teethfrom sunny Africablack princessI start running. I see them, but in time. One is security, the other two sleep. Or pretend to sleep. City guards looked at me with suspicion. Slow pace. They think I'm a thief. Since I happened to her, not ever run. I learned mind. For dogs, a man running is always a thief. And police think the same - a man running is a potentially infractot. Why can cooperate so well - and police dogs, police dogs. How did stand on such a cold?

Photo: Basil Anton
Soldiers Sleepsecurity in the citywatch in shiftsI take the forest path. Only traces of animals. No human step. Swimming hard in the snow. I sink in snow up to my knees. Are the first explorer of winter. Around here, summer sneaks pairs of lovers. Where did it?

Photo: Basil Anton
No sign on the snowvirgin pathfootprints
Suddenly I see. Is there like a ghost. Forest hungry beast waiting for me. Is it a wolf, a dog be? I do not know! Wolf does not come so close to town, I encourage. But for me this way? Glass eyes wild animal. Two lights in the dark cave, I pierce far into the brain. Suddenly the nose up and starts shouting. A healthy take on. High snow makes me beat up on the spot. I have no şansă.Dintr was a leap on my back. I leave to their own devices. E wolf, means that he fed. A sheep had eaten any ... All lamb is the savior of man. And if it was just a dog ..


Photo: Basil Antongrove forestthe high snowlone wolfBasil Anton, Science, February 9, 2012

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