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vineri, 2 martie 2012

At the boar hunt!

Foto: Basil Anton

One evening in February, the space-time in a forgotten corner of the world, fix another reality beyond human reason and rationality, an occult reality, I say, fantastic. I just headed to the hunting place. Zărisem, Turk Hill, a sow with wild boar, already high.I had stopped a moment to look into the sky. I saw, when the chindie, red sun, bright as glowing metal sphere flowed like Dali's clock in darkness a flood horizon in a soft, continuous lava.
On earth, night frost in February showed signs of cold. I felt burning in his cheeks and even bite through thick hunting clothes. I had on me a BROWNING Maxus, Nikon Action EX binoculars and camera Canon 60D. Modern hunter was equipped with a hunting outfit HUNTING SUIT OLIVE gifted, prepared to observe the game away, to shoot him from a distance without seeing them weeping and sticlirea the eye as seen deer Labiş death. Canon 60D camera I wanted to capture the game, a poster, as a triumph of man recently on wildlife.
The panorama from the hills opened Moldova Jijia valley, to the horizon, I saw for the first time, the Superman and Suprafemeie, serpentines down hill Stolniceni a time machine. Was it real what I saw, or the atmosphere that evening I induce hallucinatory states? I look to drive the two and how I felt, without realizing, in ecstasy.
Begin to take pictures automatically, like a robot programmed without heed caught in objective space. Perhaps because of frost or perhaps because of energy emitted by Superman, the camera refused to respond to commands. Stiff! Or maybe the emotion not only managed to catch some images of earthly hemisphere that space and sky.I managed to photograph on Superman and his Suprafemeia. That's what I found when I downloaded the images on the HP 8730w.
But I saw, I heard voices and I think my visual and auditory senses I do not lie, and perceptions are not, as some would believe, just inside a theater stage or just a sensorium.The fact that I managed to try, with the camera, there Suprafemeii superhuman and can not deny anyone their absence. Argue in support of my discovery, Alfred Jarry, who saw, long before me, since he described so well in his novels and his wife Overman; Suprafemeia and her husband.Jarry's writings can be, without doubt, the most plausible evidence of the existence of superhuman and Suprafemeii. In fact, besides the fact that I saw with my eyes, I rely on assertion and two novels of the Frenchman.,, I do not know what's happening to me all this! "I hear talking or thinking only Superman. ,, Maybe because I've never seen the sky and not a long time I never saw that tonight winter. I always watched the stars in town. Illumination blurs reality, the sky is still there, as was seen in the days of Kant. In this modern or postmodern reality is taboo ... Who are you human? "Asked Alfred Jarry. ,, I am superman! "Overman said.
I heard his voice clear, as I would have spoken directly to my mind, although he was away in the car. It was a deep voice, a voice heavy, thundering, which thrilled me. I think it will voice that induces fear, the lion roar in the African jungle. Superman is god wanted.
I'm not schizophrenic, as some psychiatrists are inclined to believe that the voices in my mind would be immediately branded by these sophists of the mind as schizophrenia. So they issued some of their brethren, judgments about the great mystics. Proved, then, that the great mystics predicted that quantum physicists discovered today. Mechanisms of the human mind works on quantum foundations.It happened to me until then to hear voices. Some will speculate that I had a nervous breakdown. I will say clearly that, instead, I raised, as mystics, the ecstasy, the new dimension of perception!I think rather that, in those moments, my hearing and sight were under the influence of ecstasy and clairvoyance. Far exceeded normal limits of perception. I heard and saw everything around me, to 360 degrees, as I had ear and eye amplifiers in the back. Or, through a miracle of space-time distortion, enter a multidimensional universe. But there are still some decorporalizare. So where this extra-state?Could be induced, possibly Superman or that surreal atmosphere, to succeed to perceive words and thoughts. It was as if his voice would have told me directly in my mind and I was connected directly to his brain telepathically. Do not know what this phenomenon might mean that no longer had lived before. Perhaps sadly, may, without my space that resonated with the multidimensional universe.Certainly, at that time, I gave up hunting wild boar. And, although the temperature decrease, with every minute passed, no longer felt the cold that surrounded me as an invisible cloak.
Or my senses, too sedated unconscious ecstasy, not perceived temperature as we do not perceive - sting, heat of cold, when we are absorbed in a book or watching a movie.Superman can have such devastating power! Too many lights earth, blinding, and I forgot to longer see the sky and stars, as he watched so many times Kant. I watched amazed as superman suggestion, the sky, the sun half of the lava is drained, the stars appear and not realize that I am the Earth or a planet unknown.
Realizing I was completely disoriented, but my unconscious silence that, in any place I had learned I was not a stray universe. At that time two things made me lose my admiration for this life - the immensity of the universe, cold and indifferent, and instincts that pushed me to kill. Modern man is gifted to kill.
Only superman and his Suprafemeia sparked my unconscious awe. Nietzsche had prepared, in theory, proud man's triumphal entry and more expected - Overman. German philosopher could be proud of prophecy, with two small amendments and unique - that superman and Suprafemeii roles were reversed and they were not born in the Black Forest, as the German philosopher thought, but the lands mioritical.
Superman on his name on Suprafemeie Aleen Ratian Săbescu hurt. This I learned later from some esoteric publications and surreal.
Postmordenismului With more and more authors are convinced that we have entered a new cycle of the matriarch. Old crone who spoke Zarathustra, advising him how that goes when the women do not look really small, it might as well advise it today, the Suprafemeie: When you go to men, do not forget the little fact: whip. For now, of course, women go to men. Especially to those who live in palaces.
,, I feel almost instantly to mind, Guillaume Apollinaire and, breasts of Tiresias ", I hear him speaking on Ratian Săbescu. If I see before me, as if being alive or just virtual hell knows. Lover of sexual aberrations, Apollinaire, another young man, had taken the footsteps of Don Juan, or rather, the steps of Casanova.
He opened in his literature, a Pandora's box - the forbidden tree garden - pornography.Pornography and food, this is surreal spaces of human imagination, which Apollinaire, raised by a mother with many loved Galanton, generous gentlemen, as they say today's girls had a great revelation. Spent his childhood with many fathers, the most famous resorts of Monaco, Lisa, Cannes has discovered that a great seer, the link between poetry and sexuality.
So it was onto the two large human pleasures - sexuality and food. These pleasures will exacerbate, with each generation, instincts, far beyond the limits of absurdity, creating grotesque human - obesity and aberrant sexuality.
But man has no limits. He wants to experience everything through art. And if one fails, as Urmuz have a single chance - nirvana. Surrealism is a dead end.
Dali continues Overman, reigned a gold watch that was running in the waves of time.
I included cold dense circles, but I just captivated by Superman and his Suprafemeia no longer felt no longer aware of myself, but only two. But it seems that cold that I felt it not, I feel a sense of noble Cioples, Aleen hurt.,, Close your car windows and turn on heat! Die of cold, "cried Suprafemeia! ,, And not beat about the bush Ratian "hear, apostrofându him Superman. I was a moment of stunned by the vehemence Suprafemeii.,, An automatic, came from the depths of dreams, that I felt strange words Aleen, apologizing superman: dark atmosphere, sunset, beginning and ending time and the world, the real and imaginary real imaginary, what the mind , what is the real heaven AND earth, all-contradictions and canceled.Hunt the car, camera, horrific images. André Breton and charge me winks surrealism theory, that of God dictate. ,, Irrational begins with God ", is infatua Breton in his deep thinking.
,, Shut up! It is a blasphemy what you say,'' come off as there Suprafemeia. ,, I said without thinking blasphemy! "Excuse is superman. It's a dictation of the unconscious. I think the whiskey last night, I feel these enormities. You put and drugs? "Lord forbid! How do you think about me so. You know that you are devoted body and soul. Why did it have to read literature plăcând surreal, I do not know! That only you zoon politikon, not a plebeian of letters. Although they believe aristocrats ink. "
,, Surrealism occultation requires deep and true reality! That's great art of the politician. Why did you say political animal? ", Not I, Aristotle. But you say this is a dead end ", not in politics, in art. Surrealism, politics is art, but art is only political. By the way, when women read philosophy? You know the Hermes Birkin just passionate. ", You do not think that interested me the philosophy of Aristotle. Only the Highest Good for November 2 around the philosophy that interested me sardonically. That destiny is settled - the many to be slaves, just elected - supermen. "
Ratian Săbescu remaining a stunning moment. Aleen hurt surpassing it sadism. Another fear is added to his anxieties. He came to sigh, but abstained hard not to betray her anxiety. We speculate any weaknesses.,, Dictate it the miracle of creation "continues Overman. As Breton said. Or maybe it was the voice of Breton, could not know. ,, To hell with Breton. It is long dead and gone, the other forever ... "Suprafemeia said, reading his thoughts.
On hearing these words, Rimbaud began to laugh with mouth to ear. ,, Rimbaud began his journey on the ship drunk. A terror, Alfred Jarry laughing, pointing to Rimbaud.
,, Ten years after he fled from home and wrote her first poem. "That, so poetic! I say, in thought. Or spoke Overman, do not know. The fact is that I heard clearly continuing. ,, He was a terror Eminescu. Just ran and at home and at school, went from one end to another of the country, to welcome little Rome. ,, Greetings from Rome heart-less! "At 16, he wrote the first poem. Most liked friend FI, one who speaks the charm of life - illusions of youth who come to us all into their trap. And I through the ports of the world ... by brothels, most beautiful poems I wrote! "...Behold, Jarry continued in a whisper to the ear superman: I look to you ... and remain stunning. As I find superman ... and Suprafemeia ... I was brilliant in my prophecy. The two looked an ecstatic moment. Their recognition of Alfred Jarry characters they swell with pride and filled the empty hearts.
,, Love is a meaningless act, Jarry continued their discourse, as it can be done indefinitely. Love forever. Both! Then remains the act. ", I thought he was joking," Overman giggle. ,, Even I was going to have sex tonight. How has guessed? ", Is a prophet .. Why, you ... a, ... Messalina, not sense malice? "Oh, no, as long as I identify with the queen ...
Luis Aragon and seeing the two, the time machine started to write fast a wave of dreams. Poetry is the most powerful aphrodisiac, he said. Apollinaire was a great depraved, but it was a great clairvoyant awareness of the link poetry with sexuality. A great prophet! ,, In the evening, began to declaim superman, between Fontainebleau and Versailles wandering / tracking a nymph in the woods rustling / Mentula suddenly my pant ...,, Shut up! "Cried Suprafemeia. We amend Broadcasters ", What's Aleen? Not see well! We are in the time machine, run to the sea ... to catch the boat ... we are not on television. "Yes, but I do! ...", My Mentula? "
,, No! Woe to me! But Apollinaire's poem reminds me of your whores ...Overman pretended not hear the challenge and continue. ,, Unfortunately, Aragon remained faithful to the Communist Party. And I ... "I started yawning when I heard such talk. Wooden tongue I instantly fall asleep. Those times when we are taught lessons stifling the party was most effective sleeping pills. We slept so well!
,, Stalin continues Overman, the dream of a Hercules who deflower virgins on the fifty Lysius offered by King for a night. Some more fillers, have been strangled by his gray eminence. Beria made them disappeared.,, God forbid! "Suprafemeia worship. Mussolini continued his speech Reason is, without fear that a sweeping pay attention to Aleen, lower left no. Italiencele passed, like sheep to the gorge, by his bed. But Il Duce was perfect lover - whimsical gender Galanton and generous. Hitler remained faithful to one woman. After suicide niece, Geli, which was love, was satisfied only with Eva Braun. A woman removed. Führer did not want to conquer women. He wanted to conquer the world. Mussolini, too, dreamed of conquering the world, but won only women.
Ceausescu wanted to conquer the world. Thus was satisfied only with Elena. For him the ultimate orgasm was power and his faith in communist ideology. The Red Horizons, Pacepa is absolutely stunning servitude to Helen. Therefore he could not distinguish Nicholas Corbu.
As Nero believed God on Earth. A megalomaniac! Or it had such power. Megalomania embraced him, as he put all dictators. And I ... I ..., superman! Visits made by everyone. That was the fantasy of mind, a way to conquer the world. And Elena will not Suprafemeia's, but the world. Will it win the pedantry and chemistry. Assuming the title of world famous scientist. Both lived a kind of foil en deux, as the French say. After shot ... like some mad dogs. That made one French journalist writing about Romania, a book, surreal vision - a lie as big as Century!
At that time, she saw Tristan Tzara superman. Run like a giddy in the way of wild boars. Or maybe it was just his shadow.
,, Is anarchic and absurd!'' Aleen astonished cries. 'How to run, so even in the way of wild boar? Look! It's a big sow with piglets. A tear him!'','' .. Anarchy is absolute freedom, he cut him short superman. ,, And believe that dictatorship! "He replied Suprafemeia.Basil Anton, Iasi - March 1, 2012

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