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joi, 8 martie 2012

Last vestiges of the golden age


Last vestiges of the communist era, appearing on street corners or in addition to new buildings, cosmopolitan, like quantum particles that instantly recreate the past.The future is always a virtual projection of the past. The future is not, from this point of view, contingent, as Aristotle thought, but is unpredictable. Quota is to be or not. Leibniz says that just us humans the future is contingent, but the world's course is determined necessary. German philosopher considers contingency as a lack of knowledge. Instead, Jean Paul Sartre, the atheist existentialism promoted, believes that everything begins with contingency ", which is obviously absurd, because a contingent world as a world of absolute chaos.A world of chaos would be a world absolutely impossible, as, indeed, would be a completely deterministic world. For this reason, the existentialist, the world has no justification - the universe is devoid of any rational sense and absurdity of human existence.
Therefore, the best of all possible worlds is the world works scheduled on the edge of chaos, has a large percentage of need, but also a certain percentage of contingency, ie a rate of 66 -99% deterministic and 1-34 % subject to chance.Unpredictability is given by Heissenberg's uncertainty principle. We affirm that the universe works scheduled on the edge of chaos (see Basil Anton - How to write an essay ...).Therefore, there is place in a large helical motion - the spiral. This gyration makes history to repeat itself and yet be different, so the future can be predicted in certain proportions, but a certain percentage is unpredictable. Unpredictability is generated by quantum game of virtual particles.
Dacia car and poultry complex - Symbols of the golden age continues to shock the eye with the image of ruin and degradation of the communist era. Is it that we can not escape the past or in the future? These symbols are signs of further deterioration?Last Dacia and poultry Complex last witness as symbols of a past that virtual design in the future.Uncertain and bleak future we lurks beyond the veil of Maya. What lies on the horizon? Other horizons red or Revelation?

Basil Anton, Science, March 8, 2012

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